INTERIOR DESIGN - workshops & classes
Introduction to NEST BUILDING - 6 to 8 sessions
This course, and the inspiration for my book: Nest Building - A Guide To Finding Your Inner Interior Designer, is part psychology, part design. Participants will explore the historic, environmental and cultural influences that have contributed to the appearance and function of their personal, domestic living spaces.
Students will delve inside to find their own, unique sense of home and place and use this knowledge to create better living and working environments tailor-made to reflect and support their needs.
From these sessions students will gain the confidence and ability to create a home environment that is an authentic, functional extension of themselves. Download Materials List
Weekend Workshop: YOUR HOME, YOUR WAY
This course is part psychology, part design. It is a course that will help participants discover the interior designer within by exploring the environmental, cultural and personal influences on the appearance and function of domestic living spaces. Each one of us is a unique individual like nobody else and, therefore, by extension, our home should be like no one else's. Give a voice to your stories, history, experiences and preferences so that you develop living spaces that truly reflect, support and nurture you. This two-day workshop provides an opportunity for personal exploration to help you to identify your unique voice so that your decorating decision-making is easy and, most importantly, fun! Download Materials List
Your Home, Your Way ~ Half Day NEST BUILDING Seminar
Here is a great opportunity to get a 'taste' of my NEST BUILDING philosophy.
I will talk about my book, share some of my favourite interior decorating anecdotes ... success and, oh yes, the failures ...
Through a series of simple pen-on-paper excercises, I'll encourage participants to learn more about their personal sense of place ... their priorities and preferences and the cultural, historical and environmental factors that have contributed to them.
You will enjoy an informative and entertaining session with me as I offer a fresh perspective to the fads, traditions, taboos and eccentricities of home decor. Bring an open mind and a sense of humour! (Above: me, holding forth in Salmo, June 8/13!)
"Refreshing and almost spiritual sense of "home" that freed me and my thinking." "Kate was engaging with a good sense of humour thrown in ..."
"Enjoyed author's sense of humour, varied vocabulary though heterosexist slant ..." "Wow! Such a profound way of discovering who you are, where you came from and what you really like."
"Time well spent!"
Sampling of feedbck from Nelson, 2013
FABRIC ART - workshops & classes
From tumbledown barns and outhouses to abandoned truck carcasses, crumbling arches and neglected front doors curling with peeling paint … colour and texture abound. During this workshop participants will create fabric interpretations of magnificent manmade decay using layers of fabric enhanced by stitching, scratching, melting and any other techniques that contribute to the results.
*Please note that this is a workshop for those already comfortable and familiar with freestyle machine stitching and the use of fusible bonding material (see instructional PDF).
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Translating two- and three-dimensional architectural forms and elements into fabric art pieces will help participants to better understand how to use degrees of light and shade to communicate dimension. During this workshop we will convert architectural plans and/or elevations into works of art and then explore more complex architectural elements such as classical columns, spiral staircases … and possibly entire buildings.
*Please note that this is a workshop for those already comfortable and familiar with freestyle machine stitching and the use of fusible bonding material (see instructional PDF).
MIX, BLEND, HIGHLIGHT & SHADE using only layers of sheer fabrics to create abstract compositions and landscapes reminiscent of delicate watercolours. During this 2-day workshop, discover how the application of layers of delicate materials subtley softens edges, transforms hues and alters perspectives.
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‘We were all so honored to have you share so freely your gift and spirit. There is a difference between a teacher and a spirit guide, you have been a blend of both to me…
Cinda – Balfour, BC, 2009
Samples of FabricPLAY techniques: Collaged Pear; Woven Pear; Stippled Pear; Contoured Pear; Stained Glass Pear; & Scratched Pear.
This 2 or 3-day workshop introduces participants to a variety of techniques and is suitable for beginners and veterans alike. We will work with no specific project in mind so that you can focus of the process rather than worry about the end result. We will experiment with contouring, collage, shading and highlighting, employing a variety of fabric textures, weights and tones. I will demonstrate how to mix your own colours with threads and fabrics…just like a painter but without the mess!
From the methodologies sampled in this ‘smorgasbord’ workshop, hopefully you will return to your studio with at least one new technique or insight you are excited about and keen to practice, develop and make your own. Download Materials List
'Skitching' - Freestyle Machine Embroidery
Whether you are an artist, a quilter or a fabric embellisher, this workshop is for you! Once you learn to control your stitching, freestyle machine embroidery opens up a whole new world of design and enhancement for beginners and intermediates alike. During this workshop you will practice drawing - shading and highlighting; along with special effects such as stipling and lace-making. Freestyle embroidery can be very frustrating until you get into the rhythm. It requires hours of practice, but this workshop will show you some techniques you need to get you started. Download Materials List
Fabric Art Project Workshop
These workshop sessions are designed for those who have a specific project in mind that they would like to undertake. After initial instruction in various fabric art techniques, participants will be invited to bring in their works-in-progress and work during class time using and drawing upon the wisdom and creativity of the group and the experience of the instructor/mentor for inspiration and guidance. Download Materials List
Earth, Wind, Fire & Water
This series of workshops introduces participants to freestyle machine embroidery and fabric collage.
Participants will be taught to SEE elements of the natural world around them and to translate them into fabric using a full palette of colours and textures to interpret and convey the essence of each element. Download Materials List
Birth Of A Fabricscape
During these sessions students will begin by experimenting with technique and practicing 'sketching' with their sewing machines. Later, they will learn how to apply colour and dimension to their compositions using fabrics and freestyle rendering. Download Materials List
If Artists Had Sewing Machines! Seeing It - Sewing It
This workshop introduces participants to fabric selection, application, composition and art appreciation.
By studying an artist of their choice, they will develop an added appreciation for the artist's vision and technique as well as enhancing their own ability to visualize and project creativity via the medium of fabric art. Download Materials List
Learning to SEE sounds pretty simplistic but, because our vision is often distorted by input from other senses, or by our preconceived expectations, learning to SEE again is a very disciplined and specific challenge. This course aims to help students simplify a scene, or an object, by breaking it down into its fundamental shapes, contours, shadows and forms and, having done so, reassemble it in fabric. Download Materials List
‘I found the workshop "Seeing It, Sewing It" to be a great introduction to fabric art. As a lover of fabric, it was inspiring and opened up a new world of creative possibilities for me. Kate's various techniques were clearly demonstrated in the class. We were able to practice these under her guidance on suggested projects. Kate really changed how I "see" things with a new awareness of colour, shapes, contours, shadows. etc. and showed me how to transform what I saw into fabric art.’
Brenda – Calgary, AB, 2008
This is a workshop for fabric lovers who are keen to let loose and experiment!
Abstract art often appears to have been randomly slapped together but, in fact, there are usually specific rules and structure governing the work. This workshop will help participants to discover and create their own abstract codes.
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