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Best viewed on a laptop or tablet. It you are trying to view this page on your phone, you will not be able to see the captions which are an important part of Matilda's story.

Matilda dreams of summers in Provence as she pegs out the wash.

Kate said the sunflower on her hat looked fine but Matilda worries it’s a bit flamboyant.

Matilda paints her landscape before starting on her canvas.

Matilda prepares to set herself free on the island on Guernsey.

If Matilda has to go to the city she usually waits for a rainy day when it all feels so much softer.

Mindful of local by-laws, Matilda always walks Clarence on a leash.

When Matilda’s not riding her bicycle, she props it up against her house and uses it as a planter.

Clarence likes to wear his seagull cape when he’s out on the boat with Matilda.

Kate told Matilda she’d never be able to sell her calendars without a swimsuit photo. She told her to relax and stand naturally, but the skimpy swimming costume and the sand between her toes made Matilda very uncomfortable.

Matilda wondered how many cats it takes to become a ‘cat lady’.


Ever wondered how That Cat got its name? Click here to learn more!

Matilda insists on writing her shopping list in rhyming couplets; e.g. ‘Bread for toast, and a Sunday roast’, ‘Washing soap, and a cantaloupe’. Sadly, she’s never bought an avocado.

Matilda is determined to prove to Kate that she is perfectly capable of making her own clothes—thank you very much!

Matilda joins Clarence for a drink at ‘The Crowbar’.

Matilda finds the art gallery is the ideal place for quiet reflection.

Matilda seldom takes the motor car out now that gas stations have gone self-serve but, sometimes for a special treat, she and Clarence drive to the countryside for a picnic.

That Cat and Matilda enjoying a catwalk in the countryside.

While Matilda plonks out ‘Camptown Races’, That Cat stands in as an obliging metronome … doo dah, doo dah

It’s always irritated Matilda that everyone says there’s a leprechaun holding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but no one ever bothers to tell you which end!

Matilda suspected this was not a good idea from the very start … it’s OK for Clarence, she thought, he’s got wings as back up.

'Tis the season to be tacky ... Happy Christmas from Matilda, Clarence and That Cat.

Matilda believes that fireworks are much like baby birds and dishwashers … better appreciated seen and not heard.

Matilda admires the wildflowers but does not pick them; that would be like scraping paint off a Monet!

When on her travels, Matilda dresses to blend in with the natives.

Matilda prepares for a pressing engagement

That Cat does its best to distract Matilda whenever she settles down to read aloud to Clarence.

'As the day recedes,

And the shadows grow,

I miss you more

Than you'll ever know.'

The hills are alive with the sound of Matilda as she puts on her special curtain pinafore dress before settling down to watch ‘The Sound Of Music’ for the 27th time.

Kate suggested Matilda slap a few paint colours on the wall before making a decision but it’s not really helping so she’s going to let That Cat decide.

Re-gifting isn't always an option.

Everyone likes to lend a paw or a claw when Matilda’s trying to work in the kitchen.

Wrapped in tartan like a tin of shortbread biscuits, Matilda felt uncharacteristically cheerful. (Photo: Argyll House, Stirling, Scotland)

Never one for chit chat, Matilda has always found herself hovering on the edge of unnecessary social interruptions like recesses, intermissions and coffee breaks.

When Clarence and That Cat said they wanted to try snowshoeing, this wasn’t quite how Matilda had imagined it!  

Eventually Clarence convinced Matilda that there was no possible way anyone would recognize them in their costumes.

As the only entrants in the annual crow and spoon race, Matilda and Clarence managed to place both first and last for the fifth consecutive year.

Matilda was not blessed with a green thumb. Her flower beds were little more than horticultural hospices offering palliative care en route to an expedient demise.

Clarence and That Cat organised a surprise hen party to celebrate both Matilda’s birthday and Kate’s 200th Made On Monday piece.

If only Matilda would learn that Clarence and That Cat would much rather play with paper and rolls of  ribbon than the ugly homemade scarves and stuffed felt mice she gives them every year.

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